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Since I posted the game announcement, I thought to also post some of the first details about the up-coming Batman episodic adventure game. Especially since they just left me even more hyped for the game.

All the detals are here:

What I found interesting was the central concept of approaching the problems and characters either as Bruce Wayne or Batman, which I think can provide a really interesting character examination.
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Greetings all,

 Something quite interesting happened a few days ago in relation to Deadpool's success and I thought to post it here for those to see who haven't already.

 Essentially, James Gunn did a long facebook post about Deadline Hollywood 's reiew of Deadpool, specifically about how the movie makes fun of superhero movies.

 Now, I think there are a lot of really great points he makes in the post, such as that Hollywood trying to copy what Deadpool did is missing what makes Deadpool great. However, for me the beginning of the post was where he uses Ant-Man and Iron Man as examples of Marvel movies that poked fun at their selves which was for me an almost bizarre statement. Both of the movies he mentioned are as formulaic as you can get from a Marvel movie, one of them set the formula, so I genuinly had difficulties understanding his point there. Still, I realize that there are many who will disagree with me on that.
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It is time once again to return to the wonderous world of Mike Careys Lucifer. The next big arc shall be Children and Monsters,  but before that there were two one-shot issues which both tied very heavily to that story arc, so I will be posting them now here before doing a post on that arc. Also, Fox officially picked up Lucifer which shall be a police procedural. While reading these stories, consider that the story Fox saw Lucifer police solve crimes.

Scans from two 22 page issues, with 7 pages per issue.

Innocence and ennui to follow )


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